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Multimedia technology encompasses interactive, computer-based applications that promote the communication of ideas and information with digital and print elements. The courses in Drexel’s Multimedia Technology track, offered online as well as face-to-face, can help you get up-to-speed on the latest technology and assist with presentations, business communication, using social networking, blogging and high end video editing. Drexel, with a reputation for being on the leading-edge of high tech media education, is now an Apple Certified Training Center, offering courses in Final Cut Pro and serving as a test center for all Apple certifications.

Course Descriptions and Schedule

Introduction to Social Media
Introduction to Blogging

Introduction to Social Media ( MTCE 5090)
What is social media? Has it changed the face of marketing as we know it? This beginner’s course will explain the development and evolution of social media marketing. We will focus on case studies of companies who are successfully marketing themselves across social networking platforms and those who have ignored social media marketing to their detriment! The course will also show you how to start using social media to market your business or organization. We will also touch on the all-important issue of privacy and related best practices.
CEUs: .20
COST: $50.00
NEXT OFFERING: Summer, 2011

Introduction to Blogging (MTCE 5091)
This course will answer the question, "What is a blog?" We will learn how to search for blogs across the internet using blog search engines. We will look at the top blogs and critique what makes them work in terms of layout and content. We will focus on blog creation tools Wordpress and Blogger and how to create a blog using both technologies. Finally we will discuss best practices for personal and corporate blogging and what mistakes to avoid.
CEUs: .20
COST: $50.00
NEXT OFFERING: Summer, 2011

Instructor Bio
Daniella Slon is the manager of electronic communications and marketing at a Philadelphia non-profit organization. She also has her own consulting business, SoMe Marketing. She has been immersed in the field of electronic marketing for the past 10 years.

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